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Leverage and Rehypothecation in the Crypto Market

This analysis explores leverage trading and rehypothecation of collateral in the cryptocurrency markets.

Leveraging and Rehypothecation in Crypto.png

Accessing Capital with Blockchain Technology

This capstone project completed 

in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Arts in Global Affairs discusses the ways in which blockchain technology can address the access to capital problem in the U.S. and provides policy recommendations on the topic.

Capstone Cover.png

Blockchain Revolution Battle

This report, completed for my World Politic and Global Governance class, makes a comparison between the adoption of cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies between the United States and China and the subsequent effects on their political and economic rivalry.

Blockchain China v US Cover.png


Blockchain Technology for Small Business Lending

This issue brief, published through the McNair Center at the Baker Institute, explores how the emerging use of blockchain technology in financial services could transform small business lending and improve capital access for businesses excluded by conventional lending processes.

Accelerating Small Business with Blockchain Technology

In this report, published through the McNair Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic growth, I examine blockchain-related alternatives to traditional financing and operations for small businesses in the United States.

An Artificial God: The Takeover of AI

This report, written for my Making Decisions Under Uncertainty class, assesses the past, present, and future of AI technology, particularly when in combination with blockchain and the internet of things (IOT), forming what has been known as the "new holy trinity."

Taiwan Conflict Assessment and Projection

In this conflict briefing, written for my International Security class, analyzes the China-Taiwan conflict and its economical impact on U.S. foreign relations. Then, informed projections on the situation are presented.

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